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GTA 5 Mobile Apk For Android Download

GTA 5 APK is known to almost all of the gamers of the world. The game was developed by Rockstar games and it is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and now some of the parts of Grand Theft Auto are available on Android devices as well.

The franchise has launched many series which encompass GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and many more. GTA 5 Apk has been recently launched where role-play has been introduced. Two variants are launched which are classic story mode and role-play. GTA 5 has brought the gaming world to a whole new level and has taken the whole gaming world into a storm.

Many other versions of Grand Theft Auto have been released, each with its own set of unique and exciting features that you will enjoy. GTA is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and some of the Grand Theft Auto series are also available on Android and iOS devices. It was first released on PlayStation, and it became so successful and well-liked that it earned the distinction of “best selling game on PlayStation 2.”

What Is GTA 5 Apk?

The Grand Theft Auto V game is based on crimes, and many of you may have played it on your PlayStation, PC, or Xbox as a kid. It provides us all a nostalgic feeling of being able to do everything we want, which is impossible in the actual world.

GTA 5 is the greatest alternative for you if you want to escape reality for a few minutes. In the GTA universe, you can either commit crimes or go insane and do whatever you want. There are no limits to your craziness, and you can enjoy it to your heart’s delight.

The three protagonists that you can find in the game are named Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, and Michael De Santa. The game’s setting is based on Los Angeles, which is referred to as Los Santos in the game.

There are also additional characters in the game, such as Michael De Santa’s sons Tracey and JImmy De Santa, and Michael De Santa’s wife, Amanda De Santa. Characters such as Ron Jakowski, Lester Crest, and Lamar Davis make short appearances in the game.

Franklin is famous for his skills in driving, especially sports cars. He is regarded as the novice as in the underground world, he isn’t the most professional.

You might find Trevor’s character a bit unusual, but he is highly innovative. Lastly, we have Michael De Santa, who is a retired bank robber. However, he goes back to being a criminal after doing a pact with the FBI.

In GTA 5, the developers have planned to equip with modern machines which are not available in the previous versions. For lovers of cars, this game will give you the feeling that you are driving a car in your real world.

The designs of the cars are stunning with the sound effects so real that you won’t feel like even pausing or stopping the game even for a few seconds.

Since it is not available in the Google Play Store or Apple Store yet, we have provided you with the link to GTA 5 which can be played on your Android devices or iPhones. Not everyone can afford a high-performance PC or console to play the game.

This game is specially modded for you so you could get an enriching experience while playing on your smartphones as well.

The only thing you will need is an Android device with great graphics; otherwise, it will not function properly. You may play GTA 5 without having to root your phone using the download link provided below.

Make sure to save enough space for playing this game as this game will consume 3GB of your storage.

Features of GTA 5 Apk

  • When you complete the tasks, it provides you money and you can spend it on purchasing items such as cars, guns, and many more.
  • The control keys of GTA 5 are easy to use and you will have no difficulty driving cars or vehicles, and stealing, robbing, or running. 
  • The city in Grand Theft Auto keeps improving with each version. The space is big enough to roam, rob banks and people, etc.
  • The vehicles can be customized as per your preference. It has numerous designs to choose from and it will make your car more appealing.
  • It has high-quality HD graphics and sound effects that will amaze you and make you feel like you are doing it in your physical world. It gives you the freedom to do anything you want, from stealing to purchasing. It has high-quality HD graphics and sound effects that will amaze you and make you feel like you are doing it in your physical world.
  • Several characters, each with their distinct personality which will not bore you out.
  • The character and vehicle designs are fantastic, and they will add to your play experience.
  • There are several levels in GTA 5, each of which is visually stunning as you travel through them.
  • GTA 5 is the best game to play if you want to get a ground experience of what it’s like to be a criminal from underground. You will have the opportunity to play as a criminal in the subterranean realm and freely traverse the metropolis.

Steps to download GTA 5 Apk on Android

The steps are mentioned in the following which you have to follow if you want to install GTA 5 Apk on your device. It is to be noted that you have to download the OBB file and data file, along with the APK file.

Step1: To begin, you have to first download the APK file from this website and open it after downloading.

GTA 5 Apk

Step2: Place the OBB file after installing the APK file on your device.

Step3: Next, the OBB file and data file needs to be extracted.

Step4: Run the APK file after the OBB and the data file have been extracted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GTA 5 available in the Google Play Store?

  • It is not available in the official play store yet, but we have made it available just for you so that you can play it on your device.

2. What are the features of GTA 5 APK?

  • The features of GTA 5 APK are HD graphics and sound effects, customizable cars, multiple characters, and many more.

3. How to install GTA 5 APK on Android?

  • I have mentioned the steps above to download GTA 5 APK on your device. You just have to follow the steps and you’re good to go.


GTA 5 is the game to play if you want to spend your time playing something different. It is loaded with a lot of cool features that you’ll like, and it’ll make you want to go on adventures. Bring back memories when playing GTA 5 on your mobile device.

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